Joe Weil


Joe Weil is a poet and musician. His two latest books of poetry collided during the pandemic. They are Helping the Village Idiot Feed the Chickens and Iniquity Press/Vendetta books (2020 and The Backward Year (NYQ books) also 2020. Weil is an associate professor at Binghamton University and has founded Shrew Magazine and Cat-in-the-sun-books during his time there. Before becoming a professor, Weil worked as a tool grinder and chief shop steward for twenty years. His work often involves issues of class and poverty, two subjects he knows fairly well. Weil now lives in Binghamton, but grew up in Elizabeth New Jersey, where he made friends with Cuban exiles who taught him about poetry and painting. He lives with his wife, the poet Emily Vogel, and his two children Gabriel and Clare.